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the only way

I am happy to announce that we have many members who are learning how to "Rightly Divide the Word of Truth," which we are told to do in the book of 2nd Timothy.

These studies are for those who desire to grow to Spiritual Maturity, and they start exactly where they should. That is, in Genesis chapter 1, which is the 1st chapter of the Bible!

God designed the Scriptures in a very systematic (logical) way! And that is because He is very systematic & logical.

In the Gospel of John its says, "In the beginning was the WORD!" In the New Testament Greek language, the term "WORD," is "LOGOS!" That is where our English term "LOGIC" comes from.

Please read Genesis chapter 1 and answer the questions.

If and when you do, please let me know that you have done this. Below is a link to my website.

God will bless you richly for doing this!

Your brother in Christ, Dave Alloway.

Click Here To Read Genesis Chapters 1-6

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth