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Hello, my name is Dave Alloway.

I am very glad that you have come to this website as it is an indication that you are truly interested in God's Word!

In the opening section of this site, we will discuss precepts and passages of Scripture that show why it is absolutely essential for us: to "Rightly Divide the Word of Truth."

This will include the following:

This passage is clear About what the goal of the New Testament/Covenant is.

That is, our goal is love. But there are those who are confused and teach that we are still under the Law of Moses which is the Old Covenant.

  • Without this as our ultimate goal, we will meander through life aimlessly.
  • We must have this as our primary goal in everything we do.

  • Paul the apostle tells Timothy that we must Rightly Divide the Word of Truth.Matthew 22
    2 Timothy 2: Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
    • In this passage, we find that to be approved by God and not be ashamed, we must Rightly Divide the Word of Truth!

  • God's Word (the Scriptures) is one book, with one main themeMatthew 22

    The Old and New Testaments are "ONE BOOK!"
    • God's plan is to create a people, to be a bride for His Son Jesus.
    • The Scriptures start with Creation, and the First Marriage.
    • The Scriptures end with the New Creation, and the Marriage in Heaven, between Jesus and His Bride.

  • There are 66 books in the BibleMatthew 22

    Books of the Bible
    • There are 39 books in the Old Testament, and 27 books in the New testament.

  • The Old Testament/Covenant is about God's creation of all things, OT thumband Him creating a nation of people for Himself

    Rightly Dividing the Old Testament
    • The Old Testament is about God's creation of all things, and Him creating a nation of people for Himself.
    • That nation is Israel, with whom He made a covenant through His Law, which is the Ten Commandments.
    • God made this covenant only with Israel, and not any other nation. However, foreigners could join with Israel.

  • The New Testament /Covenant is about God's New Creation of people, who are His Church, Which is the Body of Christ

    Rightly Dividing the New Testament
    • The New Testament/Covenant is about God's New Creation, that is His people who have believed in Jesus and been Born Again.
    • We will live in the New Jerusalem, which will be a wonderful place.
      It will be perfect. There will be no more pain, suffering, disease or death. 
    • As the Bride of Christ, we will rule and reign with Him for all eternity in the New Creation.

  • The Devil's Goals are to Kill, Steal & Destroy

    John 10:10 The Goals of the Devil
    • He is very crafty and malicious.
    • He offers us all kinds of things that promise happiness, but they only bring misery and death.

  • Peter says that as there were false prophets, there will be Matthew 22false teachers among you.

    2 Peter 2: The Goals of False Teachers & False Prophets
    • This passage of Scripture reveals that false teachers and false prophets will exploit people with deceptive words.

  • Peter Tells Us That We Must Be careful to not Twist the Scriptures

    2 Peter 3: Untaught and Unstable People Twist the Scriptures to their Own Destruction
    • There are three main ways that people Twist the Scriptures
      • Adding to the Scriptures words or concepts that the Scriptures do not clearly teach.
      • Omitting concepts or passages of Scripture that are clearly taught.
      • Making traditions the basis for truth and authority.

  • John tells us to not love this world, or the things of this world

    1 John 2: The World & Its Lusts
    • This passage reveals the peer pressure, that we get from the world, and our own fleshly desires.
    • We must not love the sinful desires of this world, or of our sinful fleshly desires.

  • Paul tells us that there is a war inside us between the Spirit and the flesh.Matthew 22

    Galatians 5: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh
    • This is the battle that so easily besets us.
    • God tests the heart of man. God does not tempt us, but He does test us.