the evolution conspiracy

The Consequences of Believing or
Not Believing in Evolution

If Evolution were true

  1. You are just an animal and nothing more.
  2. There is nothing more important than you, making you totally self-centered.
  3. There is no "Big Purpose" for your life.
  4. Survival of the fittest means that whatever you do to survive is justified. That includes stealing, murder, lying, etc.
  5. Living to get the most out of life, whatever it may be, and no matter the price or effect it has on others.
    • Drugs
    • Adultery, fornication, pronography, orgies, etc.
    • Gluttony
    • Fame
    • Fortune
  6. When you are dead, you are dead forever. No eternity.

If evolution is not true

  1. Then there is a God!
  2. God will hold you accountable for your life:
    • Every word you have spoken, weather good or evil.
    • Every thought you have allowed to dwell in your heart and mind; weather good or evil.
    • Every act of kindness or malice.
  3.  There is an Eternity, and you will:
    • At best, be in a wonderful place where there is great joy:
      • No more suffering, and no sorrow or pain.
      • You will be with God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, and all those who died trusting and obeying God's Word and His Promises!
    • At worst you will be in solitary confinement, in total darkness, and in great suffering and anguish!
    • At next to worst, you will cease to exist!